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Web Benefits Design is a creative, dynamic, high energy work environment. We innovate, build and launch technology and services at a breath-takingly rapid pace. Every day is exciting - and every day counts! We attract and recruit people that have benefits or technology experience – then provide them the environment to leverage their background and ideas to make a difference. What we do is extremely important and impactful to the millions of employees we serve. Every feed, file and data key stroke could potentially impact the benefits experience – positively or negatively. When you come to work every day knowing that your work means something, that your individual contribution is worthwhile – that gives us all a sense of purpose that unites us under a common cause. We do happy hours, team building exercises, picnics, holiday parties and community events together. It's important to bond and strengthen our relationships. It enhances our ability to connect effectively with one another and enjoy our time at work together. We mean business, but we laugh and have fun together.

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