Boss Laser LLC

About Boss Laser LLC

We've been in business since 2012, and have worked hard to find their place in the laser market. We strive to honor God by positively impacting its clients, employees, and community by providing products and services with Integrity, Honesty, and Value. With that commitment, we've developed a team of people who have the same passion.

Our original concept was to bring an affordable CO2 laser engraving system to the market. Our customers range from hobbyists who work out of their garages, startup businesses trying to create their American dream. To schools and universities integrating the technology into learning centers for the way of the future. We also have large commercial accounts who found an affordable solution to their everyday needs. We've upgraded our product line and expanded to fit the needs of our customers. Over the course of our short time in business we have always striven to be our very best for our customers.

We have forged this path in hopes we can fit the needs of our future customers while providing the absolute very best customer service all around.

Regional Employees
Sanford, FL

One of our quarterly events, where a healthy game of dodge ball was played. Unplanned division between the employees and managers lead to an exciting game of Managers vs. Employees. The very last manager that happened to be left was our Vice President, Oliver Pinnock. The game ended when he was taken out by 4 employees. This event is still mentioned as a favorite work function. Between the dodge ball, zip line course, and bumper cars the employees really were able to have a great time.

A recent company sponsored event that had teams escape from a room in a timed challenge. The challenge to this event was not only to escape the room, but to work with people they do not normally interact with on a daily basis. We had one successful team escape their room, our Vice President's team.

Events are a way we can get together and have some fun outside of the work environment. The Halloween bowling event gave us a reason to dress up and have a great time bowling.