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MHAAO has 4 main programs: EVOLVE, OPDSCo, PEERLINK, and OPTIC.

EVOLVE allows Individuals enrolled in our program work with a team of Peer Support Specialists, who identify as having lived experience of mental health and/or addiction challenges, have made a commitment to their own recovery, have been specially trained and certified, and are willing to walk beside and support individuals navigating their own recovery journey.

OPDSCo offers trainings, Technical Assistance, networking opportunities, and monthly calls to support workforce development. Through this work, we aim to positively impact the peer workforce, increase awareness of the value of peer delivered services, challenge stigma, and promote recovery and wellness.

Peerlink National Technical Assistance Center works to strengthen the capacity and infrastructure of peer-run programs and traditional mental health organizations.

Oregon Peer Training & Innovations Center is a training hub specific to the professional development of Peers across the nation.

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"Regaining my self-respect has been a long process and has been a direct result of being a peer and realizing my past is now my most valuable asset." - Bill Beall, Peer Support Specialist for Multnomah County Mental Health Court

"I remember when I was homeless and I entered a shelter program that helped me get on my feet, having conversations with others in the program about the caseworkers telling us what we need to do but not having the lived experience we had. I feel if peer support was available when I was in these places it would have made a big difference in my healing process back then." - Roman Becerra, Peer Support Specialist for Clackamas County

"When it comes to internalizing messages given to us by systems, others, and society at large, it's best to take what is meaningful and helpful to use and leave the rest." -Cee Carver, EVOLVE East Director.

"I am excited to laugh, cry, and grow in my new role as a peer support. But I am even more excited to meet all different kinds of kindred spirits who deserve a life of freedom!" -Grace Jo, PSS with Clackamas Hope Peer Support Program


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