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Mammoth started with a simple idea: together, we can do HR better. We provide expert HR advice along with HR Compliance tools to help employers confidently tackle their HR challenges. Our approach is collaborative, not outsourced, helping employers build their HR expertise with reliable guidance and time saving tools. We work with more than 80,000 employers across all 50 states, keeping them compliant while staying ahead of the ever-changing employment laws and trends. We protect organizations and their people,and create thriving workplaces. With Mammoth, you can stop worrying about HR and focus on moving your organization forward.

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Portland, OR
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Mammoth employees at the 4K4Charity run, an event benefiting global and local nonprofits that support increased diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Employees at our Summer Offsite, one of two offsites Mammoth provides each year to bring all of our employees together for a day of learning, connecting, and fun.

Mammoth Winter Offsite at Cannon Beach.

Employees cheering on the Corvallis Knights, a local baseball team, at the Mammoth Home Run (HR) Derby.

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