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Darex, LLC creates premium sharpening tools that are sold worldwide; including drill bit, knife, and tool sharpeners for industrial and personal use. Our industrial line of bit sharpeners falls under the parent brand, Darex Industrial. Drill Doctor is a line of drill bit sharpeners for use at home and work and our Work Sharp brand specializes in knife and tool sharpeners for your kitchen, home, shop, and outdoor use. Our business is located in Ashland, Oregon where over 100 Southern Oregonians work harmoniously under one roof to surprise and delight the people who buy and use our products.

Darex has been a family-owned business for over 45 years, focusing on creating quality sharpening tools that are easy to use and produce consistent results – saving our customers time and money. Part of our success stems from the white-glove service we provide our customers, distributors and resellers. Customers are often surprised with the level of personal attention we give them, and they often become our greatest sales force – sharing their experience through word of mouth.

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