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Timberlake Construction has a rich history spanning over 40 years – our work and reputation have always been based on diligence, team work, and doing the right thing.

The dedication of our team members and the shared values that unite us are exemplified on and off the job site. Our enthusiasm for excellence brings our clients and partners back again and again. We understand the importance of trust in all of our working relationships, and we show loyalty to our clients, partners, and co-workers by being consistent, dependable, and completely invested in all that we do.

Our commitment to building means that we have a variety of clients covering a diverse range of sectors and industries, including civic and municipal, corporate, educational, healthcare, hospitality and multi-family, industrial, public safety and law enforcement, retail, spiritual, and sports and entertainment. Every project brings its own challenges, and we bring steadfast commitment and expertise to each one.

Regional Employees
Oklahoma City, OK
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2018 Gala From left to right: Lani O'Reidy (VP PreConstruction), Whitney Webb (PreConstruction Administrator), Brandon Cheney (Senior Project Manager), Leslie Dean (Senior Contract Administrator), Robert Renshaw (VP of Operations), Rob Brown (PreConstruction Manager), Tiffany Sheil (Assistant Project Manager)

2017 Employee Appreciation Day From left to right: Dave Timberlake (Chairman), Bryan Timberlake (President & CEO), Lauren Timberlake (Bryan's daughter), Erin Berger (Scott Berger's wife), Gracie Berger (Scott & Erin's daughter), Scott Berger (Senior PreConstruction Manager)

2017 Employee Appreciation Day From left to right: Spencer O'Reidy (Lani O'Reidy's husband), Dave Timberlake (Chairman), Dawn Byram (Director of Business Development), Robert Renshaw (VP of Operations)

Assistant Project Manager Tiffany Shiel and Project Manager Brent Dunning