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At LifeShare, our core purpose can be articulated in three words: We save lives. This core purpose is the cornerstone of our Organizational Clarity, which has four elements: core purpose, business definition, core values and strategic anchors. Our core purpose is why we exist.
Our business definition is what we do; we recover organs and tissue for transplant. LifeShare's core values are can-do, passion, and caring. These define how we behave. Our strategic anchors are people, change, and relationships and these are how we succeed.
LifeShare team members are a wonderful group of caring professionals who regardless of their role contribute to our core purpose of saving of lives. Their passion, caring and can-do approach to all we do is essential to our success.
Our team at LifeShare is always seeking to improve by embracing change, by building relationships in and outside of the organization, and by always keeping our work focused on people…donors, donor families, recipients and healthcare professionals.

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