C L Boyd Company, Inc.

About C L Boyd Company, Inc.

CL Boyd is a stable company that has been in business since 1913. Our company is considered by many as the premier construction equipment dealership in Oklahoma.

CL Boyd's culture is built around its core values: Commitment, Ethics, Excellence, Quality and Success. The work environment is professional, yet casual. There is an open line of communication between management and the employees so that performance, issues and opportunities can be easily discussed. Employees are continuously challenged to reach their personal development goals, as well as provide their ideas for improving our operations. Employee loyalty is very high and employee turnover is relatively low.

There is a very high level of teamwork and cooperation among employees, which creates a family-like atmosphere. The diversity of our employees strengthens our culture and we invest heavily in the growth and development of our employees. Our family-like culture is fueled by an annual employee Christmas party, monthly luncheons and other activities that promote teamwork and employee interaction. The dress code is business casual and a healthy sense of humor is appreciated.

Regional Employees
Oklahoma City, OK