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Founded in 2001, PlanNet is a rapidly growing company with over 100 FTEs. Our success results from our diversity and process innovation that provides technology and critical facility services to Fortune, global and mid-sized businesses. PlanNet's vision of building technology to make business work is ingrained in everything we do. We have provided value-added service to nearly 2,500 clients from healthcare, hospitality, entertainment & hi-tech, to federal & local government, education, finance, & enterprise data centers. Our clients include Daimler Mercedes Benz, Disney, Microsoft, Oracle, Viacom, Verizon and hundreds of other internationally recognized companies. Our services include strategic planning, consulting & design for technology integration in construction projects, system upgrades & new deployments; design and seamless implementation of turn-key systems such as networking, multi-media, security, wireless & IT infrastructure, from cabling to server & storage platforms; and design & construction management of data centers & critical facilities.This blend of technology, facilities and operational expertise translates to cost and time effective project delivery.

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