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Kagan is transforming education. Kagan offers professional development for teachers and publishes hundreds of books and products to make teaching and learning more engaging. Kagan provides over 1,200 trainings annually, has 15 franchises internationally, and has performed trainings in 47 countries. Kagan's workshops and resources increase student engagement using cooperative learning methods developed by the Kagan team. Our teaching methods create engagement as students interact in teams, tutor classmates, and celebrate each other's successes.

Research on the Kagan methods and its positive impact on students has proven increased achievement, decreased discipline referrals, improved social skills, higher self-esteem, improved ethnic relations, and increased liking for school, class, teacher, and content. Students prefer Kagan teaching methods to traditional methods and these methods transform the lives of teachers as well. As one teacher stated, “I used to look forward to retirement, but now I look forward to the next day of school!”

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