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Blue-White Industries is a leading manufacturer of chemical metering pumps for use in water and wastewater treatment, as well as several styles of flowmeters. Our pumps are designed to precisely dispense chemicals into multiple applications, such as, municipal water (potable and waste), industrial water treatment, swimming pool, agriculture, car wash, food and beverage, livestock and processing.
Blue-White takes great pride in our innovative engineering, the use of quality materials of construction, and excellent customer service. Just as important to us is to treat our employees with respect and provide them a full spectrum of employee benefits. We offer a worldwide network of factory representatives, distributors, dealers and warranty service centers.

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Huntington Beach, CA
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Blue-White Industries located in Huntington Beach, CA

The Blue-White employee fitness center

Blue-White celebrates the employees with an In-N-Out catered lunch

Blue-White Christmas party


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