About truMedic

At truMedic, we are dedicated to providing safe and effective forms of pain management and stress relief. We believe that holistic benefits should be readily available to anyone suffering from pain, discomfort, and stress.

Our team is an eclectic mix of scholars, athletes, tech-nerds, musicians, parents, actors, and artists. We believe in embracing creativity, which leads new opportunities for product innovation. This gives us the ability to constantly develop new products to help you live life better. Our variety of products are designed to be effective and easy to use including TENS units, personal massagers, and state of the art massage chairs. Our range of products makes all forms of pain relief easily accessible to anybody.

Regional Employees
Kings Park, NY

Brandon, Ronnie and Chris, part of our logistics team.

Connor, our E-Commerce Manager.

Jereme, part of the graphic design team.

Kristy and Jordan, part of the Operations Team.


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