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Mental illness continues to be common, widespread and has a negative impact on people's lives, affecting their daily functioning and ability to hold a job, maintain relationships, or even complete simple tasks. Now imagine living with the daily challenges of having a mental illness while also being homeless. Since 1985, Mercy Haven has worked to fulfill this need to provide safe, affordable, supportive housing and services to those living with mental illness, the homeless, and low-income individuals and families on Long Island.

Starting with two staff and one home in West Babylon for 12 adults with a severe mental illness diagnosis, Mercy Haven has expanded to 70+ staff and scattered housing for 400 individuals, families and children across Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Our population's needs are always expanding, with many coming to us with complex physical health diagnoses, substance abuse issues, and disabilities. Our services and staff grow with our residents' needs and break down the barriers that will prevent them from maintaining stable housing. Housing is only the first step to recovery. Mercy Haven is here every step of the way.

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