Family Service League

About Family Service League

Mission Statement
Family Service League helps individuals, children, and families
to mobilize their strengths and improve the quality of their lives
at home, in the workplace, and in the community.

Family Service League makes people's lives better in many different ways:
? We give warm beds and food to the homeless
? We help children and adults who are struggling with mental illnesses, drug, or alcohol problems
? We help people train for and obtain employment on their journey to becoming self-sufficient
? We help the poor obtain food, clothing, medical care, and find housing
? We help infants and children, particularly those who are disadvantaged, get a good start in life
? We operate pre-school learning centers, universal pre-K programs, and after-school programs
? We provide trauma counseling and support to communities impacted by critical incidents
? We help seniors maintain independence and provide support for their caregivers
? We are a non-profit human service organization providing a safety net for Long Islanders in need

Regional Employees
Huntington, NY
We're Hiring!

Early Childhood Learning Centers

Cooking classes at the Brentwood Community School

Social workers at our Family Centers assist with myriad problems

Computer Training for adults


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