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A global leader in biology and genetics research and education for 130 years, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory thrives on innovation and collaboration. CSHL is proud of its unique youthful culture and commitment to attracting the best minds in support of science, regardless of their country of origin. Spread over campuses in Nassau and Suffolk counties, the Laboratory's scientific community of 600+ faculty, students and technicians is supported by 500+ administrative and operational employees committed to making the institution the least bureaucratic and best place on the planet to do science. As an international mecca for life science, CSHL hosts more than 12,000 researchers from around the world each year for scientific conferences and advanced technology training courses. Hands-on biology education programs developed and offered by CSHL start in 5th grade and continue through undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels.

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The Laboratory's contemporary Hillside Complex of 6 interconnected buildings, increased research space by 40%, providing state-of-the-art facilities for cancer, neuroscience, and quantitative biology labs.

More than 100 faculty, students and employees mix and match to form teams for the annual CSHL volleyball league. Other activities around campus include ultimate frisbee, yoga, meditation, bike club, and community gardens.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's campuses and programs have been designed for interaction and encourage opportunities to appreciate the natural surroundings with colleagues and visitors.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is committed to open and inclusive science, welcoming its 1100 faculty, students and employees from countries all over the world. The countries in blue on this map show the countries currently represented on our campus.

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