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Whether you are a corporate executive in search for a new vision for your personal health, a business owner who is concerned about your workforce, or an individual who would like to begin a lifetime of healthy living, we invite you to walk through our door. Health By Design was founded on the belief that patients can live longer, healthier lives when they have access to a health care system which focuses on prevention, education and meaningful, caring patient-physician relationships. The pro-active approach is an effective way for employers to reduce their health care costs, increase productivity, and take better control of their health care destiny.
The following is an overview of our services:
Comprehensive Executive Exams, On Site Corporate Health Clinics: We have clinics inside corporations to make it convenient for the employees to get their healthcare needs taken care of without leaving their workplace.
Lifestyle Management Programs: Stress, Nutrition, Fitness, Cardiovascular Risk, Tobacco Cessation. On Site Wellnesss Assessments, Corporate Medical Advisor, Flu Shots, Concierge Medicine.

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