About LRK

From our founding, we have woven a core set of beliefs into LRK. We understand that openness and trusting relationships are essential to exceptional projects. We know success is not built by a portfolio, but by people. Our willingness to ask, explore, and evolve fuels the creation of useful, beautiful, transformative places.

LRK is a team of talented professionals with a passion to apply them for the greater good. Whatever the project, from a home to a stadium to a neighborhood, our expertise is in engaging people, nurturing community, and enhancing urban life.

LRK's successful integration of planning, research, architecture, environmental, and interior design has evolved naturally from a collaborative spirit to develop inspiring spaces. Architectural excellence is a given. An enhanced quality of life is the end result.

We view each project as an opportunity to improve, complement, and in some cases, complete the fabric of the surrounding environment.

Our culture's focus is understanding the needs of a client first and then providing creative and innovative solutions. Every member of the team has a voice worth hearing and every project we undertake starts and ends the same way: We listen.

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