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Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) is the region's largest employer and health care provider of choice. Our mission is to heal, comfort and care for the people of our community by providing advanced and compassionate care of superior quality and value. LVHN has eight hospital campuses throughout PA and the only Children's Hospital in the region. Guided by our PRIDE behaviors (privacy, respect, involvement, dignity, and empathy), we trust one another and use teamwork to ensure our patients and families receive the quality care they expect and deserve. At LVHN, providing a great experience for patients starts with providing an exceptional work experience for employees.
LVHN is committed to providing an exceptional work experience from hire to retire. LVHN listens to colleagues, prioritizes health and wellness, supports financial wellness, provides professional development opportunities, and rewards and recognizes colleagues for all they do to "heal, comfort and care for the people of Pennsylvania. LVHN is the best place to work and grow in the region because its colleagues are "LVHN Proud."

Regional Employees
Allentown, PA

LVHN's Street Medicine Program. Helping our homeless with their health needs.

Mini Tesla remote cars donated to the LVHN Reilly Childrens's Hospital so that the road to surgery isn't as scary. Pediatric patients drive themselves to the OR.

LVHN's Mobile Mammography Coach. Delivering needed health care on the road.

LVHN colleagues celebrating a beautiful day of inclusion, diversity and health equality for all at Lehigh Valley Pride 2019.


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