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About PyraMax Bank

PyraMax Bank was originally founded August 10, 1895. At PyraMax Bank, we offer the advantages of a local bank with the financial power of a larger institution. We still offer the unequaled power of local decision making. This combination of strong, stable financials and control explains why people call PyraMax Bank “Your Financial Force”. You'll like how it feels to reach the summit of service.

Our Vision

PyraMax Bank's vision is to be recognized as a leader in our market as a depositor-owned Community Bank invested in the financial wellness of our families, business and communities, while delivering financial products that serve a multi-generational client base.

Mission Statement

PyraMax Bank's mission is that as a depositor owned Community Bank, we commit to being creative and responsive, and helping families, business and communities thrive.

Core Competencies

PyraMax Bank prides itself on:
•Being Ethical
•Being community-focused
•Being Nimble in the ever-changing global financial environment.
•Being Creative, and innovating in the field of banking.

Regional Employees
Financial Services & Insurance
Greenfield, WI
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