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About Nucor Cold Finish

Nucor consists of approximately 200 operating facilities throughout North America. Most of these mills are located in small rural communities, far removed from the trappings of big industry, and right in the heart of the best work ethic in the country. With production capacity that exceeds 26 million tons, Nucor is the largest producer of steel in the United States. But more than just a steel maker, we are the world's foremost steel recycler, and one of the largest recycler's of any kind. Nucor operates with very lean management and gives all employees, even hourly wage earners, respect and rich rewards for doing good work safely.
Nucor Cold Finish wasn't always the largest cold finish producer in North America. In fact, like our parent company, Nucor Corporation, our beginnings were small. But, we've grown to become a cold finish producer that has numerous production plants and offers the widest range of products you can find from one manufacturer.

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