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Founded in 1979, Continental has grown from a small real estate company to a major presence in the real estate development industry. Our wealth of talent and financial resources, superior thinking and industry insights are tools that we employ to create attractive and successful developments that benefit our customers and the communities we serve. Continental thrives because of our team members and a shared passion for performing our work better than it is performed anywhere else and better than we have ever done it before.

Continental values the intangible benefits associated with maintaining a strong culture. Our culture is based on open and honest communication and an entrepreneurial spirit. Quarterly, company-wide meetings are held to discuss company events and examine industry trends. Annually, our State of the Company and Challenge Meeting events are held to celebrate and recognize the successes of the past year, lay out a path for success in the following year, actively question the status quo, debate and challenge with peers and leaders, and offer suggestions on how to improve.

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