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Birthed out of necessity, supplying your needs, in order to integrate the world, LEL Home Services is devoted to you and your loved one living with one or more disabilities. LEL has 20 years of experience as a Medicaid Waiver Provider in the State of Indiana, and now serving New Mexico. Our passion is to improve the lives of the individuals we serve, through a blend of services that are family, individual, and community-centered, while focusing on personal preference and informed choice because we ALL deserve to live a GOOD LIFE.

We understand the painstaking efforts to find quality caregivers, as founder, Edith Glover encountered during her family's journey. When Lena, Edith's mother, and Lyle's “Grannie,” could no longer care for Lyle, Edith ended her 35-year nursing career to provide loving care full-time for her son with autism, Lyle. Edith, aware other families were in similar situations, began a support network to share healthcare information she acquired which gave birth to LEL.

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