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BTX Global Logistics is a worldwide shipping and logistics organization that provides flexible transportation solutions for shipments of any weight or size, anywhere in the world. With over 38 years of experience, 32 regional branches across North America and countless international partners, BTX brings a team of seasoned logistics professionals together to offer customers the highest quality of service.

Dedication to service, innovation and technology make up BTX's company culture. The organization was a Hearst Connecticut Top Workplace for the past four consecutive years. In 2018, BTX President and CEO Ross Bacarella was also awarded the 2018 Top Leadership award within BTX's company category

Regional Employees
Distribution, Logistics, & Freight
Shelton, CT
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The new BTX World Headquarters lounge area offers its staff a fully equipped state-of-the-art kitchen where employees can even cook their own meals.

BTX Global Logistics understands the importance of providing its staff with a positive and healthy work environment. The new BTX World Headquarters includes an in-house fitness center.

Every 16 months, BTX Global Logistics hosts an 3-day, system-wide Conference to discuss strategic initiatives and foster relationships. Photo from October 2017's BTX Systems Conference held in Shelton, Conn.

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