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Building on our solid foundation of providing supplemental benefits to working families, it is with great pride that we serve our customers by building long-term relationships and providing coverage for times that are most difficult in life. We rejoice as we continue our “personal touch” tradition not often found in the insurance industry today – meeting with our patrons in the place they are most comfortable…their home.

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The many faces of the Zach Hart Agency!! We have 5 offices in 2 states so getting everyone together in one spot only happens a couple of times a year so when it does we like to get photographic evidence. In this one we were blessed with the presence of the President of American Income Life Insurance Company- David Zophin.

Every year at our annual convention our goal is to have more people attending than the year before- last year we not only had the most attendees ever but also tried to sweep the show!! Not only were we dressed to kill but we received the top manager awards out of all of the companies that contract with AIL.

Our company is all about growth and creating successful individuals- we've promoted 3 individuals to open up their own businesses in other states. But no matter how far people move we are a family and Hart Attackz at heart and come back together as one group at the annual convention!

Life Remodeled is one of our favorite charities because we are big not just on giving back our money but on also being able to give our time. This charity allows for both. It is an organization that helps to build up an amazing city in our beautiful state and we want to be a part of that! This year we were able to donate $10,000 to Life Remodeled but more importantly we get to spend a week volunteering our time!


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