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By creating customized resource management services for our clients, The HCS Group has become a premier provider of mobile imaging throughout the state of Michigan. Our mobile imaging services include PET/CT, MRI, CT, as well as post-acute x-ray, and ultrasound. Our clients range from large healthcare systems to physician practices, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and private residences. Our services are designed to deliver a seamless and transparent service for our client facilities. By doing this, we are able to demonstrate a united front for the patients.
Our allegiance to providing a united front for the patients has translated to superior patient satisfaction. An example of our commitment to patient satisfaction can be seen firsthand in the cookie bouquets we often send when a patient is inconvenienced due to equipment failures and other unexpected issues. The bouquets are sent under the client facilities' name/s and serve to remind the patients that we value their time and choice of imaging service providers. This customer retention program has become quite popular and well received by our patients.

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