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About Liberty Title Agency, Inc.

Liberty Title is the largest title insurance agency in Michigan that is not owned, affiliated with, or under contract with a real estate agent, lender, or law firm. We perform two functions with respect to real estate transactions: first, we issue title insurance to assure that the buyer in a real estate transaction will own the property after the transaction and that the lender will have a valid mortgage; second, we conduct the closing of the real estate transaction and prepare much of the paperwork. Sounds simple, but we are problem solvers, deal makers, and business consultants to the Realtor, Lender and legal parties involved. Our status as an independent title agency also makes us consumer-friendly; our priority is always our customers. We are one of the few companies in Michigan that represent all the major insurers - a mark of respect, competence, and trust as these companies only select the best agencies to represent them.

In summary, we protect people's property rights by solving title issues before they becoming closing issues, conducting due diligence during the title search process, and maintaining transparency for our customers throughout the homebuying process.

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