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About Metal Design Systems, Inc.

Metal Design Systems, Inc. engineers and fabricates exterior wall cladding and architectural features for commercial construction projects. We answer the question, “how?” Our customers are business owners, contractors, and architects who are seeking to achieve a creative aesthetic design. Our work ranges from one-time projects to nationwide facility re-branding for some of the world's largest brands. We operate with one foot grounded in creativity and the other grounded in the constraints of the real world to figure out how their creative ideas can be practically constructed. Our solutions include manufacturing a wide variety of cladding materials and attachment systems in our shop. Our customers know what they want to construct, but they need to figure out how to fabricate the materials, how to attach them, how to meet code requirements, how to deal with difficult conditions, how to simplify work in the field, and how to replicate the solution for multiple locations…we figure out how.

Regional Employees
Cedar Rapids, IA
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Metal Design Systems Inc. - Completed Kia project - Rapid City, SD

Custom prototype developed for a project near Chicago with a few of our employees.

One of our completed projects, Toro Headquarters in Bloomington, MN.

Metal Design Systems Employee Christmas Party 2017.

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