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S2 Capital is a multifamily "value add" investment firm in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. S2 has built a portfolio of over $700 million in "B and C" multifamily communities totaling 10,000 units and successfully invested over $100 million in upgrades and renovations. S2 is vertically integrated with operations, asset management, and construction and focuses on buying properties in areas that can support rental growth through cost-effective improvements. Our philosophy and mandate are to provide our tenants with the best apartment, service, and living experience within the submarket. This dedication to our communities led to the creation of S2's own management company, S2 Residential.

S2 Residential currently manages the assets throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth and Tyler areas and is committed to providing the best living experience for its tenants in the respective sub-market. We invest heavily in our people and our properties to ensure we maintain these standards of excellence and attribute all of our success to our on-site staff who make it happen day in and day out. We know there are many options for you to call home, and we are very thankful you chose us!

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