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Richwood Bank was organized in 1867 In May 1906, the bank was recognized as a state bank and the name was changed to “The Richwood Banking Company.” We have 6 offices plus an operations annex. The Plain City Office was opened in 1977. The Marysville Office opened in 1997and in 2017 built a new branch. The LaRue Office opened in 1998. This was the first branch outside of Union County. The Operations annex was opened in 2005.Branching out into Logan County took place with our Huntsville Office, on January 2009.The Delaware Office opened up in January, 2011 Operating out of a temporary building for 15 months, we built built a new 9000 square foot building near the corner of Houk Rd. and Rt 36. Grand Opening was March 2012. The Richwood Bank offers Checking, Savings, Certificates of Deposit, Personal & Commercial Loans, etc. but President, Chad Hoffman is always striving to stand out and make the bank better. For example, have you ever heard of “Cookie Fridays”. Customers receive a fresh baked cookie with their Friday banking. You will always talk to a person on the phone when you call during bank hours. The same loan officer walks you from application to closing on a loan.

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