Ruffing Montessori School

About Ruffing Montessori School

Ruffing Montessori School is a thriving independent Montessori school in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, serving 336 children, ages 18 months to Eighth Grade.

Ruffing's mission, vision, method, and community set the school apart. Our nationally renowned Montessori program emphasizes freedom with responsibility, promotes independence and self-direction in a collaborative learning environment, and is firmly rooted in the developmental stages of children. Students emerge as independent and critical thinkers and productive collaborators in their local and global communities.

Ruffing comprehends the balance of adherence to Montessori principles with educational advancements, best practices, and respected research. This century-old innovative approach continues to be inspired by the ever-changing needs of the child. The effective practice of the Montessori approach is to remain current and relevant; innovation is part and parcel.

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