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Our Lady of the Visitation School is a parochial, National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence for grades K-8 with an enrollment of 735 students. When you walk in our front door you will see and hear evidence of active teaching and engaged learning. Peeking into a classroom you will see as many as four teachers engaging with small groups of students.This high energy, collaborative teaching is the culmination of administrative leadership as well as committed, creative, and risk-taking educators. Our workplace/school is successful because we live a common vision. Our Lady of the Visitation School's motto is “There are different gifts but the same Spirit” (1 Corinthians 12:4). Everyday this scripture leads us to celebrate the gifts and talents of our entire community: teachers, staff, students, parents, and supporters. Our workplace is more than a place. It is where we, as colleagues, come together with a sense of belonging, shared respect, effectiveness, and support.

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