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IKRON (Integration of Knowledge and Resources for Occupational Needs) was founded in 1969 as the University of Cincinnati Rehabilitation Center. In 1983, the Center went private, and with help from community members, two professors purchased the building housing the vocational program from the University of Cincinnati, changing its name to IKRON.

Today, IKRON provides mental health, vocational, and substance abuse services to youth and adults with severe mental illness. Over 90 referral sources count on IKRON to help nearly 1,400 individuals annually. Our Mission is to assist adults and youth who use IKRON's services to build self-confidence, attain greater self-sufficiency, lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives, and to obtain and maintain satisfying employment. We place a strong emphasis on respect and support in a home-like environment that nurtures individual growth, cultivates mental and physical wellness, and provides opportunities for individuals to achieve their goals.

Regional Employees
Cincinnati, OH
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IKRON celebrates the hard work and dedication of our students with a graduation ceremony each year.

IKRON staff, students, and supporters are great advocates for our mission out in the community.

Chef Jim and his kitchen staff provide fresh food and specialized training for IKRON students each and every day.

IKRON employees come together for a fun, interactive all-staff training each year. Ongoing opportunities for continuing education and team-building are offered throughout the year.

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