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About Health Carousel

Health Carousel's vision is for every patient in the United States to have access to a qualified healthcare professional when and where they need them.
Health Carousel values our employees as our number one investment, and we support them as individuals. We work hard to personalize the employee experience and empower our employees to drive our magnetic culture. We aim to give employees every resource possible to achieve more, live more, earn more, and learn more. We recognize our employees' professional achievements as much as possible and stand with them through personal milestones as well.
Our high-growth, achievement-oriented culture means we are dedicated to putting in the hard work to support our purpose of Improving Lives and Making Healthcare Work Better. We also know when to take a break and enjoy life outside of work.
We help our clients leverage our services including recruiting, pre-employment testing, benefits administration, human resources, and compliance to maximize their ability to provide quality care to patients.
Our world headquarters are in Cincinnati, Ohio. We also have offices in Dayton, Columbus, and Cleveland, Ohio; Dallas, Texas; as well in the Philippines.

Regional Employees
Cincinnati, OH
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Annual Health Carousel FC Cincinnati outing with family and friends. #AchieveMoreLiveMore

Employee Teams getting into the spirit of HC Summer Office Olympics. #AchieveMoreTogether

Health Carousel CEO, Bill DeVille doing on-site yoga with employees. #AchieveMoreLiveMore

Health Carousel employees and friends giving back to our local communities. #ImprovingLives #MakingHealthCareWorkBetter


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