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Elevar Design Group is a powerful architectural and engineering firm focused on taking design to the next level. We continuously strive for the best solutions: timeless design that is responsive to change with optimal performance for cost. We believe there is a design for every need, but we avoid the predictable, cookie-cutter response and instead differentiate our product to always elevate our client's game. Elevar serves clients in numerous markets to include: education, health care, work space, housing, hospitality, municipal, athletic, and research.

Regional Employees
Cincinnati, OH
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Pilot Chemical was recently renovated into a modern workspace.

Elevar completed the transformation of the old Bavarian Brewery (and former Jillian's) into the new Kenton County Administration Building.

New medial office building for Premier Health in Beavercreek, OH designed by Elevar.

Renderings of the future Cincinnati Convention Center hotel, designed by Elevar.

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