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Butler Tech is an Ohio Career Technical Center that provides a broad array of career-focused education to students from seventh grade well into adulthood. Our programs are designed to transform a student's passion for a career into a sense of purpose for life.

Butler Tech offers multiple pathways to train students for in-demand careers. Some students will choose to enter the workforce directly upon completing a program. By earning licenses and certifications in high school, they can start earning higher wages than they might with a high school diploma alone. Other students will pursue higher education. Our high school offers students many options to earn college credit free of charge, which can greatly reduce the burden of student loan debt. Students also have multiple opportunities to earn scholarships and gain relevant work experience through apprenticeships, internships and job shadowing. Butler Tech Adult Education offers short-term programs that not only make students more employable, they also place students into critical roles that make our communities safer and healthier.

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