BGR, Inc.

About BGR, Inc.

BGR is a packaging distribution company with a unique perspective... we believe the best way to serve customers is to know them. The lasting relationships we develop with our customers enables us to serve them better than anyone else, because we know them better than anyone else.

We're the people you can count on. When a packaging problem arises, our customers know we'll be there to deliver the best solution. For the past 40 years, we have provided innovative packaging solutions and products that deliver superior value and peace of mind to our customers.

Our experienced team of Sales Representatives know that protecting your product in transit is vital. Regardless of size, contents or distance, you want it to arrive at your customer's dock intact and looking good. It's not only dollars and cents, but also your reputation for service and reliability at stake.

That's why BGR stocks over 5,000 different packaging supply items to help protect your product from shock, vibration, moisture—practically every hazard it will face from door to door.

Regional Employees
West Chester, OH