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Inspired by the Texas families we build homes for, we envisioned a new homebuying experience. It would be simple and straightforward.

Instead of upgrades, there'd be standards—high ones. We'd only build our best, so every one of our homes and communities would meet the highest criteria for excellence. Homebuyers could put their faith in us, knowing we'd be out in front of the crowd, introducing new innovations, new designs, new experiences and new conveniences to home—every home.

For almost half a century, Trendmaker Homes has maintained a reputation as one of Houston's premier homebuilders. Our long term accomplishments are linked to our ability to retain talented long term employees. Great companies are comprised of great people and an organization will not reach its full potential without capable, innovative, and energetic team members. Raising our average tenure of 10 years is a company priority. Achieving that is the key to our success.

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