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The Joy School is a non-profit day school focused on meeting the unique needs of students who, although intellectually capable, have difficulty finding success in a traditional school environment. The Joy School prepares students with learning differences to return to traditional classroom settings by enabling them to reach their academic and social potential in a safe, supportive environment. We believe students should be taught in a way that makes the most of their strengths while addressing their differences in a productively. Children need to feel successful before facing new challenging tasks. We work to find the level where a child can be independently successful and work to move them forward. A key part of our success is our small class sizes. For students needing more intensive intervention, we use resource teachers to provide direct remediation at a one-on-one level. Teachers continually evaluate the effectiveness of their programs and adjust as necessary to help students progress through the curriculum. They use technology of all types to peak students' interests and move them along. We fix what we can fix, give them strategies for the rest, and send them back into the real world.

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