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PERC Engineering is a multi-discipline engineering firm focus on onshore and offshore, upstream and midstream services.
Although we market ourselves as an engineering company, we are in the people business. PERC Engineering is a company that understands people come first. PERC understands that people are the most important asset a company has and that if we provide a positive and welcoming environment our company will succeed and be best in the industry.
In the current corporate environment, the world has today, where companies are more concern about the bottom line, we are fortunate that our executive management has put people first. Their wellbeing, their families and that if their environment is positive, that will show in the quality of their work. We understand that a client is not an invoice or a report, we strive to provide a personal touch along with professionalism with every deliverable we commit to.

Regional Employees
Houston, TX

Our President Felipe Gonzalez and his wife Angela hosting a company gathering

Charity Cookout

Pipeliners Event. Breakfast sponsor.

Company lunch Houston


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