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What is your unknown? What business need is unmet? Is there a challenge you can't even describe? Pariveda works with you to co-create solutions, providing strategic consulting and custom application development.? Pariveda rethinks what is, and imagines what's next, solving complex problems, leveraging strategy and technology to drive change.? Pariveda Solutions is an employee-owned, strategic services and information technology consulting company that grows and deploys talented people to solve the strategic and technical challenges of ?our clients. ?

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Pariveda's Houston Esprit de Femme group spending time together at The Mad Potter!

Houston Fins cheering on the Houston Astros!

Harvey was telling for what it means to be a Fin. We immediately took action through our connected mentor trees to ensure the safety of every Fin. We made a commitment to each of the displaced families to remain with them through the entire process — until we were celebrating their move back home!

We estimate that nearly every Houston Fin participated in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and gave in excess of 1,500 hours in just a few weeks. In addition to mucking homes, we delivered meals, washed clothing, provided childcare, facilitated paperwork — it was a true labor of love for our colleagues.

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