About 2nd.MD

We believe that we are a top workplace because of what we get to do and how we get to do it. Put simply, we meet people at their point of greatest need – when they are facing difficult and uncertain healthcare choices – and give them access to the best medical advice in the world so that they can make the best possible decisions for themselves. At our core, we believe that every human person deserves the best medical service possible, and we are building our company specifically to democratize access to healthcare – to bring the best advice to the greatest number of human lives in order to help the most lives possible. Nothing is more important to us than people's lives. Every week, we share stories of the outcomes of what we do, and it's heartwarming to hear: people who've been able to conceive when they couldn't previously; people with renewed hope because they now know they don't need to resign themselves to a fused spine for the rest of their life; people who are keeping their limbs – and sometimes their lives – because our top-notch specialists spotted things that others didn't. And because we deliver our service by walking our members through their treatment journey with a human touch – by pairing our members with a warm and caring nurse – we also get to hear about how much our members love our people and how big of an impact our team had on their lives. It's a rare business that actually gets to save and improve human lives every day, but that's what we do, and that's why we exist.

As important as what we do is how we do it. We are using a technology-driven service to try to revolutionize healthcare delivery. Our goal is lofty – to change how an industry works. And our method is cutting edge – develop our own proprietary technology to power a fast and seamless service. We believe passionately that in an age where detergent can be ordered with the click of a button, there's no reason why access to the best doctors should take weeks to schedule an appointment and hours of sitting in waiting rooms. 2nd.MD believes that you should be able to speak to the best specialist for your condition, from the comfort of your home, when it works for you. So we don't accept the current assumptions and constraints of our industry. We push ourselves every day to use technology to simplify the complicated healthcare process, accelerate how long it takes to connect with top doctors, and expand consumer access to the best medical advice. Working in this way and with this mindset is challenging...but it's also really fun. We're constantly pushing the envelope of what's possible and trying to do what hasn't been done before.

With this transformational way of working, we want our team members to be able to create their own Silicon Valley right here in Houston. Our philosophy of work and leadership reflects our deeply held belief in the dignity and responsibility of the individual. Creative ideas can, and do, come from anywhere, and we structure our projects and meetings to pull in as much input from as many levels as possible. On any given day you will find nurses, user interface developers, account managers, medical records technicians, and executives all huddled together to solve a new problem We also strive to push decisions down to the lowest levels so that people feel ownership of their spheres of responsibility and trusted to take action. And we keep our entire team informed of the company's latest happenings, because doing so empowers our team with information and shows our people the respect they deserve as individuals. Our top leaders communicate to the entire company every single week face-to-face via Friday town halls and with a weekly update email, and we expect every leader in the company to conduct weekly one with ones with their direct reports. We're by no means a perfect place, but we do our best to make our company a place where people can flourish. With what we do, the stakes are too high to do anything less.

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