About Solstice

Solstice is a digital innovation firm with a group of 400+ strategists, researchers, designers and engineers who help organizations evolve their digital strategy to solve mission-critical problems. Solstice is focused on Conversational UX, IoT, Robotics, Mobile and Cloud Native practices. Headquartered in Chicago and owned by London-based Kin + Carta, Solstice has delivery offices in New York and Buenos Aires.

Solstice builds incredible digital solutions that transcend a standalone product and transform an organization's relationship with its customers. The solutions span across mobile, IoT and connected devices, conversational UX (chatbots, voice), and robotics for Fortune 500 companies. Solstice also helps equip companies to transform from the inside out by adopting agile and a high-speed culture of innovation. Solstice is an AWS Consulting Partner, the preferred partner for Amazon Alexa Services, and a North American launch partner for Pepper by Softbank Robotics.

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