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At Adaptive Health, our mission is to provide a quality life for all our staff and customers. For staff, this means providing the tools and support employees need to reach their true potential, while allowing them the freedom and flexibility to be awesome. With a team of the most innovative minds, we offer our customers the best nutritional health products—rooted in science and research—for the quality life they deserve. Our elite brands, including Instaflex®, Nugenix®, Peptiva® and Lumiday® can be found in most major condition specific categories like joint health, sleep support, men's health, probiotics, heart health, anti-aging, blood sugar, mood support, and many more. You can find your favorite Adaptive Health products in many major retailers as well as online through our direct-to-consumer e-commerce platforms.

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Charlotte, NC
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The Adaptive Health team celebrates being awarded GNC's 2019 Top Product of the Year for Nugenix.

Adaptive Health team members volunteering at local non-profit NC Med Assist.

Adaptive Health employees playing paintball at a team-building event.

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