About Reveneer

At Reveneer, we're experts at designing, building, and managing inside sales operations that transform businesses. Companies of all sizes and industries choose Reveneer because we have a blueprint that works.

Building a predictable sales engine is more complex than ever. Do it wrong and you can burn precious capital and lose months of time that could be spent generating valuable sales opportunities for your team. Trial-and-error doesn't cut it anymore.

We recruit and custom train each team to be up and running in about 45 days. We develop an outbound playbook that defines how to find the right prospects for each business. We train our teams in how to engage in meaningful conversations, uncover needs and pain, and close for the next step. We install dashboards and metrics to monitor results in real-time, and work closely with our customers to ramp each team quickly and efficiently. Unlike any other business, each Reveneer team acts as an extension of our customers' own sales team.

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Lexington, MA

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