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About Peabody Properties, Inc.

A full-service real estate company with a tradition of success.

Committed to maintaining communities and relationships for over four decades, we are your trusted partner specializing in residential and condominium management, marketing and leasing, construction management, capital improvement, relocation, assisted and supportive living services and real estate brokerage.

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Braintree, MA
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As a Company, we're dedicated to bringing novel ideas and creative strategies to our workplace. To make this happen, we strive to create a stimulating work environment, built on a can-do, results oriented philosophy.

We hire smart individuals, respect creative thought, and reward results. We believe employees who are treated with honesty and respect readily reflect these values in the workplace.

We invite others to join us as we continue to handcraft the type of organization people talk about – and the kind of place others have spent your career looking to join.

We embrace diversity, creative thinking and new ideas while striving to create a spirit of teamwork and cooperation in all that we do.

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