About Onshape

Founded in 2012, Onshape is devoted to radically improving the way every imaginable product gets made. Design and manufacturing teams use Onshape's cloud product development platform to accelerate time-to-market, improve collaboration and provide real-time business analytics for executives and other key decision makers.

Onshape is used to build a wide range of products including machinery, consumer products, medical devices, agricultural equipment, aircraft, automobiles and robotics.

We're proud to have an “ideas over job titles” culture which encourages every employee to bring their best ideas forward. Our weekly company meeting gives everyone a forum to share their most recent work and propose new initiatives. Onshape also has no artificial layers of separation between employees and management. The CEO knows your name here.

Onshapers work hard – customer-driven software upgrades are delivered every three weeks – but the company culture also strongly values a healthy work-life balance.

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