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Hydrow is the live outdoor reality (LOR)™ rower. Hydrow's LOR technology not only delivers world-class rowing instruction in real time, but does so while leveraging state-of-the-art features that bring the sights, sounds and physical experience of rowing on the water. Led by athletes — including those training for the U.S. National Rowing team — Hydrow delivers a live on-river outdoor rowing experience at-home that brings balance and peace to people's souls while generating 86% muscle engagement — compared to 44% for cycling.

Hydrow captures the sense of camaraderie and team dynamic that people encounter when rowing with teammates on the water, creating a sense of community and belonging, and driving accountability. With more than 500 on-demand workouts and new content filmed daily, there are virtually endless ways to workout with Hydrow.

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Team Hydrow during a summer outing.

Hydrow kicked off Pride Month 2019 with the inaugural Rainbow Row, an event that celebrates diversity and fosters inclusion and equality by bringing together employees and fellow LGBTQ allies for a special Pride parade down the Charles River.

Hydrow employees gathering for an all-team meeting.

Hydrow's marketing team celebrates a summer outing.