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Our ambition is to recode science, systems and the status quo, so lives can be lived fully. Recoding gives us the opportunity to rewrite stories. Our personal story. The story of medical innovation. The story of disease, treatment and healthcare. The story we tell ourselves about what's possible. Because things we may think of as permanent are actually open to reimagining and revising.

Recoding the stories of people's lives requires a different way of treating disease. At bluebird bio, we're pioneering the uniquely promising world of gene therapy with a deep sense of purpose. Our integrated product platforms encompass gene therapy, cancer immunotherapy and gene editing – providing us with the potential to treat a broad range of serious conditions – because incremental improvements won't do. At the core of this effort is our collective determination to provide patients and their families hope for a better life in the face of limited or no long-term safe and effective treatment options.

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