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About Beam Therapeutics, Inc.

Who we are:
We're building a world-class team, founded by world leaders in gene editing, with rapid consolidation of base editing technology. Beam's co-founders helped put CRISPR gene editing on the map, and with Beam they're coming together again to pursue therapies for serious diseases using groundbreaking base editing technology.

What we do:
Over half of the genetic errors associated with disease result from a single-letter change in the billions of bases that form the genome. In other cases, certain natural genetic variations in DNA are known to protect against disease. By changing a single letter – to eliminate errors or write in protective changes – in enough cells, base editing may help us prevent, modify, and even cure a wide range of diseases affecting patients' lives.

Regional Employees
Cambridge, MA
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Beam's Founders celebrating the launch of Beam!

Receiving 2019 Nevy Award - Beam receives top honors as the recipient of Revolutionary Therapeutic or Platform Startup!

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Beam's 100th Employee Celebration!


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