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Systems Evolution, Inc. (SEI) is a boutique business and technology consulting firm focused on delivering superior value to local clients in since 1992. We provide the agility, consistency and personal attention of a local partner while providing the reach and knowledge assets of a national organization. The careful alignment of culture, strategies, and people allows us to deliver unique value to our clients. Employee ownership in our company fosters a commitment to quality and a long-term vested interest in the partnership between us and our clients. We offer our employees a sense of community, security, and mutual trust and respect. With these needs met, our consultants are free to focus their talents on the needs of our clients.

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Cincinnati, OH
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2019 SEI Holiday Party

Spring Hike at Big Trees Forest Preserve

SEI participated in the Napa to Sonoma Marathon and raised over $44K for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

SEI hosted a cookout with patients and their family members in the Shepherd Center

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